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We develop teams to understand impact. Through facilitation, training and development, we support teams to identify the impacts they can make and work towards achieving these. 

Here at Thomas|Wond, we know the importance of communicating your teams' impact. But, impact doesn't just happen by serendipity. We work with teams to plan the outcomes and impact that they want and need to achieve, creating clear plans and strategies to aid their success.


We advocate outcomes-based thinking, strong ownership, collaborative working (adopting the principles of co-production and co-creation) and this is at the fore of our approach to working with teams.

We're different from other development consultancies. We've listened to our clients who tell us they want pragmatic solutions, powerful visual communications, and credible experts. That's why we've crafted our knowledge and practice to include a careful blend of team theory, strategic thinking, evaluation and visual design principles. 


Our research and thought leadership is internationally published in evaluation, impact, performance and organisation studies outlets. Our Director is Council Member and Director of the "UK Evaluation Society" and we're engaged with the forefront of practice.  

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