Giving Mailing Lists a bad name

Mailing lists are useful for many small businesses to quickly reach their audiences. But I feel they've took a bit of a negative turn recently. Not only did we have the likes of GDPR emails bombarding our mailbox in spring 2018 but now we have those annoying 'social media marketers' obsessed with selling us something every few hours (usually a free course with a ton of upsell at the end, or pushing to sign you into a subscription for a 'great' price).

I just wanted to write to reassure anyone who considers signing up to our mailing list (which tends to pop up on our homepage about 3 seconds after you arrive) that we aren't one of these businesses. We use our mailing list no more than once a week and often as little as once a quarter. We use it to provide useful information, updates and occasional offers. We want to provide outstanding personal service to all of our clients - not make 'quick bucks'.




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