Why we Love Canva

You'll see that we often give Canva a shout out and have several tutorials to help you to use Canva.

We don't get sponsored in anyway by the Australian company. We just love how easy and versatile it is.

For small businesses and others with low budgets, Canva allows you to produce impactful posts and graphics such as posters, Facebook and Twitter posts, presentations, and infographics. A free version exists which still allows you to do a lot and if you find you use it a lot you can pay around 12.95USD for Canva for Work.

Our top three reasons for <3ing Canva:

- Ready-made templates (layouts) provide inspiration;

- Stock images make it easy to add impactful photos

- There are loads of design types sized properly and ready to design.

Check out our tutorials for instructions on how to use Canva.

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