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Cathy Brown and I published a blog post with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) last week. We were invited to do this following an article we had published in a careers journal. The blog post is quite an introductory piece - introducing career capital and the importance of it. It is based on Cathy's PhD research, which I supervised, and which really explored elements of career capital and how it is used by leaders to make transitions within their organisation.

Career capital holds that there are particular resource types that we need in order to support our careers and our research looked to explore and characterise these in the context of leader transitions. The initial model of career capital (DeFillippi and Arthur, 1994) holds that there are three types of 'knowings': Knowing how, Knowing whom, and Knowing why.

Our research found that you can have too much, as well as too little career capital. In this blog post in particular we suggested a few steps to support employees to manage their career capital and work transitions. Firstly, it's important to recognise career capital, the three knowings and aspects of them relevant to your work situation (relationships emerged as pretty prominent in our research). From my personal experience it is all too easy to overlook these elements, lost in the day-to-day detail of work. I've also a tendency to work a lot on 'Knowing-How' but losing sight of purpose (knowing-why) and reputation building and self-promotion (knowing-whom). Secondly, in looking to make a transition it would be worthwhile exploring future elements of career capital needed in order to (thirdly) target any shortfalls or gaps in capital. We found that most types of capital were transferable which aids this process.

The full blog post can be found here:

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