Charity Governance

Running a small charity can be tough. A small group of unpaid volunteers each with different reasons for being involved, ages, different skill sets and backgrounds all coming together for the health of their organisation and the communities that they serve.

Guidance on how to run a charity is complicated and we've certainly been in many situations where we've had to get back to basics with trustees who we work with.

One absolute starting point is the Charity Governance Code. The Code addresses the duties and responsibilities that trustees and charity management committee have through 7 management principles. Having taught MBA's the titles are not daunting, but to many who won't have come across them they can be.

Each principle is presented with a description and recommended good practice (for both small and larger charities). These good practice guidelines are written clearly and many translate into actions for the charity. For instance: 'All trustees can explain the charity’s public benefit' (1.4.1). This could translate into trustees being familiar with their governing document, purpose, or training to understand any impact/benefits of the charity's work.

Here at Thomas|Wond Consultancy, we work with small charities and non-profits to ensure they are managed and governed well. This includes policy-writing, facilitation amongst trustees and their wider committee and can be delivered face-to-face, via telephone or online.

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