Processing Payments and Invoicing via Stripe

We've used Stripe for a while now and have supported several clients to integrate it without a hitch.

Stripe is a payment processing platform which integrates easily with mainstream web providers such as Wix. As with most processing providers they charge a fee, for European cards on their pay-as-you-go tariff this is currently 1.4%+ 20p per transaction (UK cards). We've heard some organisations worried about this fee but for every £100 we're talking about £1.60. We tend to find that organisations increase their revenue when they offer an easy payment solution such as this so with healthy margins it should pay for itself (I must admit I don't understand the business model where ££££ are spent on marketing then customers have such a hard time making payment so don't - if you're going to go through the effort of taking the horse to water then at least make sure it can drink!).

Stripe allows businesses to create customers and from here raise invoices with various payment options. When the customer receives this invoice they can simply select to pay and do so quickly and in line with whichever payment methods have been setup. The business can choose for this to be paid out automatically to their bank or paid out on a certain day. Recurring payments (subscriptions) are also possible. With their embeddable checkout it can be added to e-commerce stores for a seamless checkout experience too.

Case Study:

Working with a national non-profit we implemented a payment solution for their members subscriptions. Through Stripe they were able to invoice potential members easily (with pre-set products added to their Stripe account) allowing them to pay on credit/debit cards. Their products and services were also hosted on an online store with Stripe being embedded to provide a solution when checking out. The organisation had previously struggled to gain quick breakdowns of income but through Stripe's reporting features this was solved. Since the system replaced a process of telephone payments it reduced the number of unplanned phone calls and increased custom significantly (we're just collecting data on the exact amount).

Similarly, we've supported small craft businesses to add Stripe to their websites, which has proved much more cost-effective than the major craft checkout providers such as Etsy (where commission and listing fees soon add up).

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