Proof-reading and editing services

Having authored a few book chapters, articles and blog posts ourselves, we know how hard the writing and editing process can be. Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees and another pair of eyes are invaluable.  We've reviewed texts for some big name publishers including Sage Publications and Palgrave Macmillan and are proud to offer our proof-reading and editing services.

With the rise in self-publishing, through platforms such as Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing channel, the process of publishing is more streamlined but can omit a vital quality check - proof-reading. In turn, this impacts on the credibility of your publication. 

We are able to 

  • Identify spelling and grammatical errors in articles, blogs and books. 

  • Provide advice over word choice and identify poor word choice. 

  • Ensure stylistic consistency including figures and tables.

  • Prepare style sheets to support your own editing and writing. 

  • Provide tutorials on using word processing tools to best effect (headings/styles for instance)

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