business support, coaching and consultancy

Thomas | Wond support businesses and not-for-profits on many aspects of their strategy and business planning, offering advice, listening to their problems and finding sustainable, cost-effective solutions. 

Past consultancy engagements include:

  • Consultancy to several police forces on aspects of workforce modernisation including process improvement, enhancing the use of available evidence-bases, and implementation of HR business partnering. 

  • Consultancy in the construction industry including branding and developing project management processes. We have particular expertise in public management and construction project management. 

  • Consultancy to several charitable groups/foundations in respect of evaluation research methodology. We have particular expertise in evaluation.

  • Change and rapid improvement activity in police, fire, higher education and Council settings.

  • Consultancy to private sector clients (cafe, retail, association/membership organisations) on aspects such as strategy, branding, marketing, value proposition and the customer journey. 

  • Workforce development support to a range of private and public organisations. 

  • Facilitation of change and improvement activity. 

  • Story-telling and qualitative methodology to develop the customer and employee experience. 

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